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Tulsa Tax Law Attorney | Things You Should Never Tell The IRS

Speaking with the IRS can be quit complicated. You never want to lie to them. However, you also do not want to tell them something that they do not ask you either. Also, if they ask you something and you do not understand what they are asking you then you do not want to answer them if you do not understand what they are asking you.

Do Not Disclose Too Much Information

You never want to just open up and tell them everything. Talking to much to the IRS could get you into trouble. You should only give out the information that they are asking of you and nothing more. You do not need to tell them your entire situation. They probably do not need to know. If they ask you a question and you do not understand it, then just respectfully tell them you will answer them after you talk with your attorney to clarify what the answer will be.

Lying To Them Is Not An Option

Never Ever tell the IRS something that is not true. This could get you into a lot of trouble. Lying to them could even open the doors for criminal prosecution against you. Lying to them could trigger many things that you simply do not want to deal with. This could include something like a very hefty fine. This could even lead to a denial of some very large loan and it could hurt your credit score as well. Lying to the IRS is never a good idea.

Do Not Answer What You Do Not Understand

If you do not understand what the IRS is asking you then you should not answer it unless you can consult an attorney first. The tax code is extremely complicated and because of this you do not want to answer a question that you do not understand. Answering a question out of ignorance could also land you in a lot of trouble. It is not as bad as lying, but it is the next best thing. It is just simply better to ask a tax professional or a Tulsa tax attorney before you answer any questions that you do not know the answer too.

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